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About Us

Historical Note:    Straiton Community Hall was built by community volunteers starting in 1949 on land donated by Louis Dione.  Prior to that date the club operated from homes and the one room Straiton School. The hall was officially opened during BC’s 1958 centennial celebrations with a beautiful hardwood floor reclaimed from lanes in a bowling alley. Through the years, the Straiton Recreation Commission that completed the hall, has continued to provide community recreational services through the Straiton Community Club.

Straiton Community Club is a registered British Columbia non-profit society and is operated by an elected board directed by general membership.  We welcome volunteers. 

Our continuing programs include:
Providing a rental venue to the community to pursue political, environmental and other current issues as well as for their family and other special occasions.

  • Seasonal programs
  • Special Straiton Heritage Day
  • Community Barbecue
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Halloween
  • Christmas